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2015-06-21 MVCC Says Hi


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Greetings MVCC Family,


Forty degrees and the sap is running.  Do you like to see the old fashioned steel sap buckets hanging from the large maple trees as I do?  This not only reminds me that spring is on its way, it also tells me that days ahead will contain sweet treats like “sugar on snow” and maple candy. 


My family and I have tapped maple trees in the past and wait with anticipation for the buckets to fill and then be boiled-down to enough syrup to have for a family pancake breakfast.  This month, the dance starts all over again.  Our handful of buckets are nothing when compared to the family down the road who has a large sugar shack along with hundreds of buckets hanging roadside. 


As I pass by the shack, I pause and think of the faithfulness it takes to make a gallon of maple syrup.  The time of waiting for the buckets to fill, the collection and then to process the sap into syrup.


As we think of such wonders of God’s creation like sweet maple syrup, let us be reminded of God’s faithfulness to us.  We are like that sap.  It can take a long time to mature in our faith to that sweet spot of knowing God and following His plan for our lives.  He is like the faithful maple producer who is patient in the process of collecting, filtering and boiling until we are ready for the “pancake table”.  This month as you pass by those steel buckets hanging on old maple trees, be reminded of God’s faithfulness to you while He makes you the best that you can be for Him.




Blessings in Him,


Pastor Kevin






March 5, 10:00   Communion is Served

     First Sunday in Lent

March 12, 10:00  Morning worship service

March 19, 10:00  Morning worship service

March 26, 10:00  Hymn Sing followed by Morning worship wervice





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